Florida Braford Cattle

The History of the Cattle Industry In Florida

Patrick Archer Florida Cattle, Florida Economy

Florida Map (1584)Early Florida BrahmanFlorida Brahman TodayFlorida HerefordFlorida Charolais CalvesFlorida CattleFlorida Braford with Red AngusFlorida Angus Cattle#soliloquy-container-1139{opacity:1}#soliloquy-container-1139 li > .soliloquy-caption{display:none}#soliloquy-container-1139 li:first-child > .soliloquy-caption{display:block} The cattle industry in Florida has a rich history dating back almost 500 years and an important economic impact on the economy of the Sunshine State today. The first cattle arrived in Florida when Spanish explorer Juan …

florida citrus production by county

What Florida Counties Produce The Most Citrus?

Patrick Archer Florida Citrus, Florida Grapefruit, Florida Oranges

According to the most recent industry report from the USDA, Florida has 515,147 acres of active citrus production including 452,364 acres of Florida oranges, 45,922 acres of Florida grapefruit, and 16,861 acres of Florida specialty fruit. Of the 67 counties in Florida, 28 are responsible for producing the bulk of fresh citrus in Florida. Two Florida counties, Polk County and Hendry …